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SOS0334 Unleashed - Alexis Luna vs Lottie LaLay

Sisterhood of Sin sweetheart, Lottie LaLay welcomes a new member to the SOS mats in the form of chiselled muscle girl, Alexis Luna.

Blonde Lottie, fancies her chances taking on this relative newcomer in the Wild Women Unleashed encounter. Things start well for Lottie as she takes Alexis down to the mats, but this new girl is strong and ends up on top as they pull each other’s hair. But Lottie has more experience now and places a hand over Alexis’s mouth and in the new girl’s attempts to breathe ends up on top. Lottie grinds her pantyhose clad crotch into Alexis, causing the muscle girl to moan in pleasure.

Lottie certainly looks in control as she simultaneously grapevines and hand smothers the stronger girl, Alexis grabs Lottie’s breast and squeezes causing Lottie to grimace in pain.

Alexis doesn’t want to lose on her debut and keeps coming back to Lottie battling to beat the blonde. Lottie has to resort to facesitting, grapevines, scissorholds, smothers and breast smothers.

Alexis realising that Lottie is more experienced does her best to trib from both the top and bottom positions in an attempt to turn Lottie on and even the odds.

They are permanently catballs together, their pantyhose clad legs entangled as they both try to subdue their rival.

Eventually one woman is subjected to a prolonged facesit, which the victorious woman will not relinquish until she submits to her. But does the experienced Lottie claim the scalp of this impressively muscled woman or does Alexis consign Lottie to the humiliation of losing to a relative rookie?

Lottie LaLay wears red bra and panties with black pantyhose

Alexis Luna wears white bra and panties and shiny pantyhose

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