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SOS0339 Unleashed - Amirah Adara vs Lottie LaLay

Sisterhood of SIn sweetheart, Lottie LaLay faces off against SOS newcomer, Amirah Adara in this Wild Women Unleashed encounter.

They circle each other on the mats and Lottie takes the smaller girl down, but Amirah although new to the Sisterhood of Sin is an experienced combatant and has a strength disproportionate to her small frame, as Lottie discovers as she finds herself pinned down and choked by the Hungarian.

But Lottie is tired of losing to these new girls and snarls and chokes Amirah, but Amirah refuses to be cowed by the bigger Lottie.

They pull each other’s hair, scissor and choke each other, but whilst Lottie tires, Amirah’s energy grows as she takes all the British girl has got and keeps fighting back. Lottie looks to be winning and then Amirah takes her back in a rear naked choke cutting off her air supply. Lottie fights back with a bodyscissor and smother combination, but Amirah fights back and returns the favour and then weakens Lottie further with a camel clutch and handsmother combo which has Lottie in serious trouble.

But that is nothing to the trouble she is in when Amirah begins to trib her. A champion sexfighter, Amirah pounds and grinds Lottie hard and fast and Lottie is in immediate trouble.

Will the Brit be able to weather the assault that Amirah is unleashing against her or will Amirah pick up a win in her Sisterhood of Sin debut.

Amirah Adara wears a shiny lycra white swimsuit

Lottie LaLay wears a shiny lycra red swimsuit

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