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SOS0345 Smother and Suffer - Goddess Anastaxia takes Belle O'Hara

Milf Belle O’Hara makes her second appearance at the Sisterhood of Sin as she takes on busty blonde veteran Goddess Anastaxia.

This is the SOS equivalent of a Lion vs Lamb, Goddess Anastaxia is not only strong and powerful, but is a seducer of women, as Belle finds out fairly quickly. Anastaxia takes Belle’s back, wraps her pantyhose clad thighs around Belle’s waist and places a hand over Belle’s mouth restricting her oxygen.

Once she lets the rookie free, Anastaxia doesn’t let up and pushes her to the wall and hand smothers her again. Belle’s eyes widen as she looks up at the dominant veteran who is exerting her will on the sexy rookie.

Belle doesn’t stand a chance as Anastaxia simply overpowers her with bodyscissors, headscissors and camel clutches combined with smothers. Belle tries to resist but Anastaxia is simply too strong and powerful. The newcomer is smothered at will, the oxygen drained from her body and with that any chance of resistance.

A final prolonged camel clutch combined with a hand over mouth smother spells the end for the devastated, drained and sweaty milf rookie.

Belle O’Hara wears pink lingerie and pantythose

Goddess Anastaxia wears black lingerie with black pantyhose

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