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SOS0349 Unleashed - Lottie LaLay vs Beth Bennett

It’s a torrid battle between two Sisterhood of Sin blonde bombshells as Lottie LaLay and Beth Bennett waste no time in attacking each other in this SOS Unleashed encounter.

Lottie wraps her legs around Beth in a tight bodyscissors but Beth retaliates but wrapping her strong arms around Lottie and squeezing her in a powerful bearhug.

They pull each other’s hair and push each other’s faces with their hands as they battle in a catball trying to destroy their rival.

Lottie mounts Beth from behind and starts to trib, using the friction from their pantyhose to cause waves of pleasure to emanate, but has Lottie miscalculated? Beth is no stranger to sexfighting and thrusts back hard.

They remain catballed tribbing hard, but also pulling hair, legs locked and grappling as they slam their pussies together. They run their hands along their pantyhose covered legs and one girl early on senses that she has her rival at her mercy.

The movements become more sensual as the more dominant woman begins to enjoy her rival’s body as they trib and feel each other.

The climaxes come and one woman is spent on the mats, completely drained and defeated, but is it busty tanned Beth or Lottie who comes out on top?

Beth Bennett wears black bra and panties with shiny pantyhose

Lottie LaLay wears light green bra and panties with shiny pantyhose

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