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SOS0351 Unleashed - Amirah Adara vs Davina Carrington

Sisterhood of Sin founder Davina Carrington is not happy that upstart Amirah Adara is after her job in this SOS Unleashed encounter where the loser is going to be collared and walked on a leash.

They meet, and a confident Amirah tells Davina that she always gets what she wants. Davina believes its because Amirah is progressing by using her sexy body, and begins to unbutton Amirah’s blouse. Amirah starts to return the favour, but Davina grabs Amirah’s hair and drags her down to the mats.

They catball on the mats pulling at each other’s clothes to remove them. Davina completely removes Amirah’s blouse exposing her bra and Amirah bodyscissors her British rival and unbuttons Davina’s blouse. In the melee their heels fall off and Davina takes Amirah’s back pulling her hair back, choking her and removes her skirt. They fight some more and now Davina’s skirt is removed.

Tangled on the mat in a tight catball, thighs interlocked and pulling each other’s hair, neither wants to submit to the other, they choke and slap each other. The larger Davina is shocked at the strength and power of the smaller Amirah who is giving Davina all she can handle and more.

As they continue to choke, pull hair, wedgie and fight each other, Davina kisses Amirah’s throat, and their faces are close together so that they can feel the hot breath. The hatred is still there as they yank each other’s hair and strangle each other, but there is now a slight erotic overtone, but these two are too caught up in their struggle for it to descend into a full on sexfight.

Eventually one proud woman is choked into submission and has to suffer the indignity of being collared and led around on a leash by a smiling victor.

Amirah Adara wears a black blouse, leather skirt and black heels before being stripped to see through neon pink bra and thong

Davina Carrington wears a black and white striped blouse, with white skirt and black heels before being stripped down to yellow bra and thong

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