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SOS0353 Wild Women - Mothers at War - Goddess Anastaxia vs Lottie LaLay

Beautiful blonde Sisterhood of Sin sweetheart is sitting on the sofa waiting for her fellow parent to visit her. There has been an argument and now they are going to get together and sort it out in true SOS Wild Women fashion.

Her rival, the equally beautiful blonde, Goddess Anastaxia enters and the two women start to argue. As it continues the two beautiful blondes become angrier and angrier with each other until their verbal barbs turn to physical contact.

They lock hands in a test of strength, first with one arm and then the other, before standing from the sofa and locking fingers. When neither can obtain an advantage Anastaxia wraps her arms around Lottie in a tight bearhug, the strain of which causes Anastaxia’s black blouse to pop open revealing her impressive bust.

After more tests of strength and bearhugs, they dispense with their blouses and now stand opposite each other in just their bras, skirts and pantyhose. Anastaxia tackles Lottie to the sofa and removes her skirt and Lottie returns the favour.

They take it to the floor and the sofa, pantyhose legs entwined and they continue to try to punish and overpower their hated rival. They are completely entangled in a catball as they battle, using their strong pantyhose covered legs in grapevines and scissorholds.

The heat from the combat and the friction from their pantyhose begins to excite both women as they start to gyrate on top of their rival, causing waves of pleasurable warm sensations to begin to build.

They trib and grind now determined to prove they are the better woman in a more sexual way. But will Goddess Anastaxia or Lottie LaLay come out on top in this dispute.

Goddess Anastaxia wears a black blouse, leopard print skirt, black pantyhose and black stilettos before the blouse and skirt are removed to reveal leopard print bra and black panties.

Lottie LaLay wears a black blouse, black skirt, shiny pantyhose and black high heels before the blouse and skirt are removed to reveal purple bra and panties

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