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SOS0357 Dark and Intense - Mistrix Kali vs Sabrina Jade

Not only do we celebrate the return of the Dark and Intense format after a short break, but also the return of Sisterhood of Sin legend and apex predator, Kali. Her first opponent is newcomer lithe dancer, Sabrina Jade who is stepping into the SOS arena for the very first time.

Hungry Kali wastes little time in getting to grips with tall Sabrina taking her down to the slick oil covered tarpaulin, but Sabrina is keen to prove she’s not here to make up the numbers and obtains top position first on a rusty Kali.

It doesn’t take long for Kali’s experience to allow her to obtain the upper hand as she wraps her strong legs around inexperienced Sabrina, and runs her hands over her tight fit body. Sabrina tries to be dominant but every time she makes a move it is reversed by Kali.

Kali places her hand over Sabrina’s mouth smothering her, and then kisses the beautiful Sabrina deeply working a two pronged attack to overpower and arouse her rival. Kali controls Sabrina pulling her hair and biting her ears as she goes to work demonstrating clearly how she earned the moniker of the apex predator.

To her credit Sabrina does her best to resist, and if her opponent was someone other than Kali, she may have been successful, but the Dark and Intense setting is Kali’s dominion and she is determined to add another victim’s scalp to her impressive tally.

She dominates Sabrina with a mixture of pain and pleasure using camel clutches, scissorholds and rear naked chokes, alongside tribbing, kissing, and grinding to bewitch the new girl.

Sabrina is completely ensorcelled by Kali and falls to her as so many have done before.

Welcome to the Sisterhood, Sabrina Jade!

Kali wears a wetlook black shiny latex swimsuit

Sabrina Jade wears a white thong bikini

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