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SOS0359 Wild Women - Mafia Feud - Amirah Adara vs Sheela Killer

In this storyline Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter, Hungarian beauty is on the phone discussing plans to banish SOS regular, Sheelakiller from the Mafia Family. A plan is agreed on and set in motion.

Equally petite blonde British, Sheela enters and is immediately told by Amirah that she is going to be exorcised from the family. Sheela is understandably not happy about this and a the two women get into a heated argument.

Their war of words soon turns physical as the two women begin a fiery catfight, pulling each other’s hair, scratching, smothering and punching. The fighting takes them from the sofa to the floor to the wall as they battle.

Each woman is determined to be the victor as they viciously attack each other doing their best to punish their former friend. They are locked in a tight catball on the floor and their fight takes a more erotic turn as they battle with their lips and hips, as their catfight turns into a sexfight.

But it isn’t long before they start to fight again, and begin choking each other, at first mutually, but one woman gains and maintains the top position and prevents her rival from attacking, and chokes her into submission, proving that she is the true top femme fatale in their Mafia Family.

But will it be blonde Sheela or brunette Amirah who will seal their place in this vicious feud?

Amirah Adara wears a grey pinstripe waistcoat, denim daisy duke shorts and black high heels

Sheelakiller wears a black blouse, with black leather trousers and black leather boots

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