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SOS0362 Wild Women - Teacher vs Student - Mistress Amrita and Beth Bennett

In this Sisterhood of Sin Wild Women encounter, the legendary Japanese catfighter, Mistress Amrita is distinctly unimpressed with her student, busty blonde Beth Bennett for being in detention again.

In true SOS style it would appear that Beth keeps getting put in detention on purpose as she has a crush on her Japanese teacher. As Amrita bends over the desk to check Beth’s work, the blonde takes her opportunity and slaps her ass through her leather skirt. Amrita bent over the desk is in a compromising position as Beth takes full advantage to make her move on her crush.

Amrita is not happy and grabs a handful of Beth’s hair who returns the favour and the two women start a hair pulling struggle. Amrita is going to teach this upstart a lesson and sends her to the next room, and grabs some baby oil from her desk drawer.

Beth and Amrita remove their clothes until they are in their bra and panties and begin to oil up each other’s sexy bodies. When they are sufficiently lubricated they begin to wrestle and it’s obvious that Beth is instantly aroused by the close body to body contact with her teacher, Amrita.

Amrita is determined to teach Beth a lesson and traps her in grapevines and scissors, but Beth retaliates using her impressive breasts to smother Amrita.

As the battle heats up so does their arousal as they slip, slide and grind against each other. They sit on each other’s faces, and trib furiously until one has a massive orgasm and is forced to worship the winner’s ass. But will the student be put in her place or will the student become the teacher?

Beth Bennett wears a white daisy duke style blouse, and blue tartan mini skirt and knee high socks before stripping down to grey see through bra and thong

Mistress Amrita wears a black and white striped blouse, black leather short skirt and black pantyhose before stripping down to black bra and thong

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