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SOS0363 Unleashed - Miss Nairobi vs Zoe Page

This marks the Sisterhood of Sin debut of Miss Nairobi as she takes on redhead Zoe Page on the oil soaked SOS mats. We’d heard impressive things about Nairobi so we threw her in at the deep end as she faces the more experienced Zoe in an Unleashed battle.

Nairobi pushes Zoe away and is ready to pounce as Zoe smiles at the prospect of getting to grips with the sexy tall new girl who is literally popping out of her bra. The redhead mounts her as they engage in a mutual choke and pins the new girl down spreading her legs in a grapevine.

But Nairobi pushes her off and gets on top of Zoe and begins to tribbing her before mounting her back and camel clutching her. This isn’t going to be an easy day for Zoe as Nairobi grinds and tribs against her from behind.

It quickly develops into a battle of pain and pleasure attrition as they spread each other’s legs wide and trib furiously trying to tire out their opponent. They sit on each other’s faces, trap each other in scissorholds, rub pussies and at every opportunity trib and grind hard against each other.

Eventually one sexy gladiator is unable to hold back the waves of pleasure and cums hard at the tribbing skills of the victor. The two women kiss as the camera fades.

But was future legend Nairobi successful in her Sisterhood of Sin debut or was the more experienced Zoe able to stave off the challenge of the sexy newcomer?

Miss Nairobi wears a red bra and thong, and the bra does not contain her breasts at all in this encounter.

Zoe Page wears a see through mauve bra and thong

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