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SOS0364 Smother and Suffer - Goddess Anastaxia takes SheelaKiller

In this specially produced custom by the Sisterhood of Sin, busty Goddess Anastaxia wants the money which you owe her, and for every minute you make her wait she is going to punish poor SOS petite blonde Sheela.

The action starts with Sheela already in Anastaxia’s clutches on a bed, as Anastaxia talks to you through the camera. She tells you exactly what she is going to do to Sheela unless you pay up.

Sheela is in between her legs completely at her mercy as Anastaxia places a hand over her mouth and smothers her. There is little the smaller blonde can do but gasp for breath as the powerful Anastaxia makes her suffer.

The longer Anastaxia waits the more pain is inflicted on Sheela as Anastaxia traps her in a rear naked choke and body scissors using her strong arms and legs to constrict Sheela who is in real trouble.

The smothering and scissorholds continue as Sheela suffers due to your inaction, the smaller blonde’s eyes are wide as she gasps for breath as Anastaxia gets tighter and tighter, determined to make her suffer more and more the longer she waits.

Do you stump up the cash to save this sexy damsel in distress or do you leave her to her fate at the hands of the merciless Anastaxia?

Anastaxia wears a black bra and thong

Sheela wears a red bra and thong

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