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SOS0366 Wild Women - The Club - Goddess Anastaxia vs Dolly

Blonde busty beauty, Goddess Anastaxia is used to being one of the strongest women in the room at the Sisterhood of Sin, but today she is taking on Hungarian muscle amazon, Dolly with the winner progressing to face Davina Carrington.

Going in Anastaxia’s favour is her experience as this is Dolly’s first SOS Wild Women encounter. The two women lock up in a finger locked test of strength. Incredibly not only does Dolly make Anastaxia look small but she gets her up against the wall first. You can see Anastaxia’s biceps straining as she battles back determined not to be humbled by the younger Hungarian upstart.

When neither woman can get the definitive advantage, Anastaxia’s experience in these encounters shines through as she wraps her arms around Dolly’s in a tight bearhug which has the muscle girl in trouble. This is nothing to the British blonde’s reaction when Dolly breaks free and returns the favour lifting Anastaxia off her feet with ease and causing her to cry out in pain and surprise.

They drop to the mats and now their powerful leg and thigh muscles come into play as they battle across the mats in a tight catball. Their legs wrapped around each other’s necks and thighs in headscissors and thigh scissors. The biceps strain as they wrap their arms around each other trying to drain the strength from their opponent.

The strain is evident by their groans of exertion and pain from this arduous battle.

Who will win to face off against Davina Carrington or will it be a stalemate between these two stunningly beautiful and powerful amazons?

Dolly wears a purple bikini

Goddess Anastaxia wears a black strappy bikini

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