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SOS0368 Wild Women - Mafia Feud - Sheela Killer vs Eva Ray

The Sisterhood of Sin Mafia Feud continues as redhead Eva Ray ambushes her rival blonde Sheela looking for Amirah who has disappeared.

The sexy SOS siren Eva Ray pushes Sheela to the wall, choking her, but Sheela hasn’t risen and survived in the mafia ranks without being able to take care of herself, and returns the favour.

The two fight it out mauling each other’s faces and choking each other before dropping down to the sofa, they are obviously too evenly matched physically and Sheela takes Eva Ray to her wrestling dojo.

The blonde removes Eva Ray’s top and jeans stripping her down to her bra and thong, Eva Ray takes Sheela’s top off and jeans off. Eva Ray manages to take Sheela’s back and the two battle across the mats locked in a tight catball, breast to breast and pussy to pussy.

As they roll around the mats, completely entangled they choke each other, scissor each other and pull their hair as they vie for top position. Sheela begins to kiss Eva Ray who resists but then reciprocates running her hands over Sheela’s body.

Now both turned on they grind against each other, mashing their pussies together as they trib whilst still kissing each other. This is now a trib fight as they try to dominate the other, they still choke each other, but in this struggle only one can be victorious but will it be the blonde or the redhead in this fight for Mafia supremacy?

Eva Ray initially wears a dark grey t-shirt and blue denim jeans before being stripped down to black bra and black thong

Sheela initially wears a black top and black jeans before being stripped down to a red bra and red thong

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