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SOS0369 Cuck Queen - Eva Ray turns Lottie LayLay

Diligent and married office worker, Lottie LaLay is working late in the office in this Sisterhood of Sin Cuck Queen encounter. While she is working away, her co-worker, sexy SOS spitfire, Eva Ray enters the office, and makes her intentions immediately known.

The unwanted attention makes blonde Lottie feel very uncomfortable as she does her best to explain that she is happily married and straight, but Eva Ray is insatiable, even the threat of going to the HR department does little to dissuade Eva Ray from coming on to Lottie.

Eva Ray unbuttons Lottie’s blouse and pushes her back onto the desk before pushing her against the wall and removing her skirt, leaving Lottie in nothing but her bra, panties and pantyhose. All the time teasing Lottie with her lips, and running her hands over the blonde’s sexy body.

Eva Ray begins to kiss and trib Lottie who at first resists, but cannot resist the sensual sexuality and beauty of Eva Ray who has now removed her blouse and skirt.

The tribbing becomes more intense as both women grind their pussies together, the friction of their pantyhose sending waves of pleasure through their aching bodies.

They run their hands over their bodies, and kiss, until they reach a massive climax, and makes plans to do it again, as Eva Ray has successfully stolen Lottie away from her husband.

Eva Ray wears a black blouse, black skirt and black pantyhose before stripping down to black bra and black thong

Lottie LaLay wears a black and white striped blouse, black skirt and shiny pantyhose before being stripped down to a black and tan bra and black thong

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