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SOS0373 Unleashed - Pamela dominates Alba Zevon

Beautiful busty blondes Pamela and Alba Zevon have certainly made an impact since joining the Sisterhood of Sin. Both stunningly beautiful with large breasts and toned bodies they have been welcome additions to the SOS roster.

This is where the similarities end though, whilst Alba has found herself being dominated, Pamela has been destroying the competition with her allure and strength.

Today they are matched against each other and from the start it is obvious that things are not going to go well for Alba.

Pamela is insatiable as she fondles Alba’s large breasts, smothers her hand over mouth and sucks her toes. Alba can do little to resist against the siren from Ukraine who has her completely ensorcelled under her spell.

These two magnificent forms are locked together as Pamela has her way with Alba. This is a complete domination as Pamela enjoys herself at Alba’s expense.

When the end finally comes there is an additional humiliation for Alba as she is ballgaged and her wrists are taped as Pamela chokes her and leaves her bound and humbled in defeat.

Alba Zevon wears a gold micro bikini with black trim

Pamela wears a fire motif micro bikini

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