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SOS0374 Dark and Intense - Miss Naiirobii vs Mistrix Kali

The apex predator of the Sisterhood of Sin is used to completely dominating in Dark and Intense encounters, but today she faces the feisty SOS newcomer, Miss Nairobi on the oily tarp.

They begin by choking each other and surprisingly its the new girl, Nairobi who ends up on top using her size and strength. But Kali is vastly more experienced and it is not long until she ends up in control using her legs to scissor Nairobi and controls her. Kali places a hand over Nairobi’s mouth smothering her, but the new girl returns the favour.

They run their oily hands over their slick bodies exploring every inch, writhing on top of each other causing both sexy women to elicit moans and gasps of pleasure and pain. Nairobi’s bra struggles to control her large breasts which pop out from the friction of their two bodies together.

They trib rubbing their pussies together and causing their breathing to quicken due to the sensations of pleasure emanating from their wet pussies.

They smother and choke each other, and rub their pussies together until one proud woman can take no more and has no choice but to submit to the victor.

Is Kali dethroned or has she seduced Nairobi and added her to her harem of vanquished foes?

Kaili wears a black bra and thong

Nairobi wears a black bra and thong

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