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SOS0376 Wild Women - Mafia Feud - Lottie LaLay vs Beth Bennett

In the latest instalment of the Sisterhood of Sin Mafia Feud Storyline, blonde Lottie LaLay thinks she has enough evidence to bust the whole conspiracy wide open. She brings her findings to her Chief Beth Bennett and shows her the evidence which she has collected.

But Beth jumps her pulling her hair and the two begin to fight it out. They pull each other’s hair, choke and bearhug each other as they battle it out in the confined office.

Lottie does well against the larger Beth until their fighting takes them to the desk where Beth brings her powerful thighs into play scissoring Lottie and bear hugging her between her powerful arms.

Lottie tries to fight back by choking and pulling Beth’s hair, but when Beth starts to trib against her, Lottie’s willpower begins to falter in the face of Beth’s beauty and power. Beth kisses her and Lottie can taken no more seduced effectively to the dark side by the beautiful Beth.

The two blondes leave the office to continue in private, the Mafia conspiracy was nearly broken but the nefarious plot continues next time.

Beth Bennett wears a black dress and tan high heels

Lottie LaLay wears a tied white blouse, denim jeans and black high heels

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