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SOS0380 Dark and Intense - Mistrix Kali vs Zoe Page

Since making a welcome return to the SIsterhood of Sin, apex predator Kali has been reasserting her dominance by taking on the SOS ladies who joined in her sabbatical in her SOS trademark Dark and Intense matches.

Already Nairobi and Sabrina Jade have fallen victim to her combination of sensuality and savagery, now it is the turn of redhead Zoe Page to take on Kali on the oil soaked tarp.

Unbelievably its bubbly who Zoe who takes control first choking Kali and trying to end it quickly, but Kali calmly powers out and the battle truly commences as they are locked together in the oil, their bodies sliding against each other, and feeling each other’s hot breath on their skin.

They scissor, smother, kiss and caress each other in the oil as they try to dominate the other. A deadly dance of sensuality and savagery in the oil.

Kali’s allure is too much for Zoe as they trib, and Kali smothers, kisses and sucks her toes. Zoe is completely Kali’s as the apex predator seduces, smothers and scissors another victim into defeat.

Kali wears a red bra and thong

Zoe Page wears a red bra and thong

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