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SOS0381 Unleashed - Ava Simone dominates Lottie LaLay

Blonde hardbody Ava Simone is a consummate seducer of women at the Sisterhood of Sin.  Today’s victim is SOS sweetheart Lottie LaLay.

Lottie is laying on her bed when Ava enters and removed her red high heels and mounts Lottie who is mesmerised by the beautiful American blonde.  Lottie is powerless to resist as Ava kisses and explores the British blonde’s body causing her to gasp in pleasure at the electric touch of Ava.

As the seduction continues and the silk kimonos come off, the intensity increases as Ava smothers Lottie her hand and with deep smothering kisses and wraps her powerful legs around Lottie scissoring her.

Ava simply devours Lottie and leaves her spent and weakened on the bed at the hands of the incredibly alluring Ava.

Ava Simone wears a black kimono, red high heels and black suspenders and pantyhose before stripping down to red bra and thong

Lottie LaLay wears a white kimono, shiny pantyhose before stripping down to white bra and thong

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