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SOS0382 Smother and Suffer - Goddess Anastaxia vs Gina Varney

Blonde Sisterhood of Sin veteran, Goddess Anastaxia must have felt that she would have an easy day with SOS newcomer and fellow blonde, Gina Varney in this smother and suffer encounter.

Anastaxia is a very experienced wrestler and smotherer and so was on odd’s on favourite to dominate the younger blonde.  But Gina is tall, powerful and stubborn and Anastaxia underestimates her at her peril

These two engage in an all out smother war as they battle to subdue their rival using chokes and hand over mouth smothers.  Anastaxia uses all her experience and skill but Gina won’t submit to her and roars back and the veteran finds herself on the receiving end of smothers.

Sweat pours from Gina as she fights as if her life depends on it against the wiley Anastaxia.

Eventually one is forced to admit that she is owned by the other woman, but is Goddess Anastaxia humbled or does the defiant rookie succumb to her experienced foe?

Gina Varney wears a white bra and thong

Goddess Anastaxia wears a black bra and thong

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