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SOS0384 Smother and Suffer - Lottie LaLay vs Liz Rainbow

Sisterhood of Sin’s resident sweetheart Lottie LaLay has been showing a more ruthless streak of late, but how will she use this against the returning sultry Spanish siren, Liz Rainbow.

The two engage in an extremely erotic Smother and Suffer encounter as these two sexpots worship each other’s sexy bodies whilst simultaneously attempting to place their hand over each other’s mouths to smother them into submission.

Their moans of pleasure and pain echo around the matroom as they both do their best to subdue their sexy opponent, their pantyhose clad legs are entwined as they explore each other’s bodies, kissing each other, but always returning to the smothering.

Eventually one woman begins to assert her dominance determined to subdue her sexy opponent, but will it be the returning Liz Rainbow or Lottie who is victorious?

Liz Rainbow wears gold bra and thong with shiny pantyhose

Lottie LaLay wears black bra and thong with black pantyhose

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