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SOS0385 Wild Women - Behind Closed Doors - Lottie LaLay vs Brianna Olivia

This is the Sisterhood of Sin debut of sexy blonde Brianna Olivia and in this SOS Wild Women encounter she is paired up with Lottie LaLay in a sexy and very steamy encounter.

We enter the room and already the two blondes in slinky long dresses are all over each other, kissing and running their hands all over their bodies.

They slide off the sofa and go down to the carpet and Brianna mounts Lottie and begins to trib.  It begins slowly at first but soon the pace quickens as wordlessly the two women start to compete.  The friction from their satin dresses against their pussies causing waves of pleasure to flow through them.  They continue to kiss and trib.

The pace quickens against and now they are slamming each other against the wall and tribbing harder.  Neither woman wants to be the weaker tribad as they battle pussy against pussy.

They slam their pussies together and moan in pain and pleasure as they furiously sexfight in their satin dresses.  Brianna mounts Lottie and furiously tribs bringing the more experienced women close to climax but Lottie doesn’t want to lose to this new blonde and mounts a spirited and frantic attack of her own.

One woman has a massive screaming orgasm but is it experienced Lottie or new IT girl Brianna who picks up the victory?

Brianna Olivia wears a turquoise satin long dress

Lottie LaLay wears a sky blue satin long dress

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