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SOS0386 Unleashed - Sabrina Jade vs Bianca Blance

Sultry Italian Stallion Bianca Blace steps onto the oil covered SOS tarp to face the challenge of tall and toned newcomer to the Sisterhood of Sin, Sabrina Jade in an Unleashed encounter.

These two waste little time going crotch to crotch in the oil and slamming their pussies together, and Biance quickly realises that this isn’t going to be a pushover.  Bianca has to dig down and use all her sexfighting and wrestling experience to compete with this younger, taller and energetic opponent, Sabrina.

Aside from the tribbing, Bianca resorts to hand over mouth smothers, scissorholds and camel clutches to try and tame Sabrina, but the new girl keeps coming grinding her pussy against the Italian’s as well as using her flexibility and insanely long legs to stay into the match.

This competitive wrestling sexfight could go either way but eventually one woman traps the other, spreads her legs controlling her opponent and uses her foot to drive her rival to orgasm and pick up the win.

But will it be experienced Bianca, or does new girl Sabrina claim the win?

Bianca Blance wears a black bra and thong

Sabrina Jade wears a pink bra and thong

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