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SOS0387 Wild Women - Revenge - Angelique Venom vs Mistrix Kali

This scripted Sisterhood of Sin features Mistrix Kali and the second SOS newcomer of the year, Angelique Venom.

Kali receives the news over the phone that Angelique is the rat, and invites her over under the pretence of having some sexy time. 

New girl Angelique enters, and her and Kali immediately begin kissing.  As they make out, Kali questions Angelique and grasps her more roughly than normal.

They begin to sexfight, grinding their pussies together on the desk as both try to come out on top and prove they are the better woman.

As they slam their pussies together they take it to the floor, and Kali strips Angelique’s catsuit and platform high heels off so that she is down to her bra and thong.

Not to be out done Angelique returns the favour removing Kali’s clothes and now they are both down to their bra and thongs.

They continue to trib, their breathing becoming heavier and intense as they both try to defeat their rival.

They go back to the desk and continue to trib until climaxes are reached, but they hear someone coming and quickly make their quick exit.

Angelique Venom wears a black top, black leather trousers, and open toed platform black high heels before stripping down to black bra and thong

Kali wears a black top, black lycra trousers and black high heel ankle boots before stripping down to black bra and thong

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