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SOS0388 Cuck Queen - The Wedding Night - Cocoa Kink turns Alba Zevon

This Sisterhood of Sin Cuck Queen encounter features the third SOS newcomer of the month as new girl Cocoa Kink takes on sexy blonde, Alba Zevon.

Sexy just wed Alba Zevon is enthusing about her amazing wedding on the sofa when her musing are interrupted as Cocoa Kink enters the room.  Cocoa tells Alba that she can do better than her new husband and tells her that she can make her much happier in front of her watching husband.

Cocoa removes her black robe revealing a strappy blue bra and pantie outfit in front of the shocked Alba.  SHe pushes Alba down to the sofa infront of her watching husband and begins to caress the sexy blonde who is clearly embarassed and confused by this unexpected turn of events on her wedding day.

Cocoa kisses and caresses her, causing Alba to let out moans of pleasure as they make out on the sofa.  They lock their pussies together and begin to trib, and Alba likes it seduced by Cocoa’s alluring beauty.

Cocoa takes Alba in her wedding dress and while her husband sits there tribbing her to an explosive orgasm and leading her out of the room and away from her newly wed other half.

Alba Zevon wears a white wedding dress

Cocoa Kink wears a black robe and black high heels before stripping down to a blue strappy bra and thong

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