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SOS0389 Wild Women - Gym Rivals - Ivy Satinee vs Ivy Rain

It’s the Sisterhood of Sin WIld Women Battle of the Ivys as Ivy Satinee challenges Ivy Rain in the gym both wearing Gi’s.

They stand on the SOS mats face to face pushing their impressive busts together before gripping each other in a mutual tight bearhug.  They stand on their tip toes trying to relieve the pressure of the tight bearhugs, using their power they lift each other completely off the ground as they both attempt to squeeze their opponent.

When neither is able to obtain a submission from bearhug they take it to the mats.  They are locked in a tight catball as they roll around the mats breast to breast and thigh interlocked.  The Gi’s are open so they strip them off 

Now down to bra and thongs their match takes an erotic turn as they begin to grind their pussies together, kissing each other’s large barely contained breasts as neither can resist no longer the attraction between them.

They continue to sexfight completely locked as they battle with their pussies to find out who is the better woman.

Will British Ivy prevail or will Ivy Satine come out and prove that her pussy is the strongest?

Ivy Rain wears a Blue Gi with white belt before stripping down to sky blue bra and thong

Ivy Satinee wears a white Gi with blue belt before stripping down to red bra and thong

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