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SOS0391 Unleashed - Mistrix Gigi vs Miss Naiirobii

This is the Sisterhood of Sin debut of beautiful Mistrix Gigi as she steps onto the oily SOS mats to challenge rising star Miss Nairobi in an Unleashed match.

The two ebony beauties circle each other before locking up and locking eyes.  They attempt to trap each other in bodyscissors and grapevines but both find it difficult in the oil.  They kiss early on, a sure sign that there is a sexual chemistry between the two.

Once they start grinding their pussies together the sexual attraction between the two is obvious, as they moan from the pleasure of tribbing.

But there has to be a winner and a loser and neither woman loses sight of this fact as they sexfight each other to come out on top.  Each tries their best to administer pleasure and pain and to make their opponent cum.

The moans become louder as the pleasurable sensations build in their bodies from the oily friction and finally one woman succumbs and loses.

But is it up and coming Nairobi or does Mistrix Gigi begin her Sisterhood of Sin career with an emphatic victory?

Miss Nairobi wears a turquoise bra and thong

Mistrix Gigi wears red bra and thong

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