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SOS0392 Wild Women - Massage Appointment - Angelique Venom seduces Lottie LaLay

The Sisterhood of Sin’s resident sexy blonde MILF, Lottie LaLay has gone for a massage with SOS newcomer, Angelique Venom.

It is clear that Lottie is feeling slightly nervous about having a massage, and that uncomfortable feeling grows as Angelique quickly removes Lottie’s robe revealing a floral bra and thong.

Angelique asks Lottie to lay face down on the massage table and begins to oil up Lottie’s sexy body, ensuring that she is well oiled.  As the massage continues Lottie notices that Angelique has undone her own robe, and then after some more massaging completely removes it.

Angelique’s firm hands have certainly relaxed Lottie who now seems more at ease in the situation.  This enables Angelique to join Lottie on the massage table on the pretence of providing a full body massage, afterall she can’t help to notice Lottie’s ever increasing moans and glow.

It certainly goes beyond your standard massage when they begin kissing and grinding and Lottie is provided a happy ending as Angelique mounts her and tribs Lottie to orgasm.

Angelique Venom wears a black silk kimono before stripping down to black bra and thong

Lottie LaLay wears a white floral silk kimono before stripping down to a floral bra and thong

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