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SOS0393 Smother and Suffer - Mistrix Kali vs Ivy Satinee

Updated: Feb 29

The Sisterhood of Sin’s apex predator Mistrix Kali steps onto the SOS mats to take on Italian beauty Ivy Satine in this Smother and Suffer encounter.

The two alpha women circle each other and go forehead to forehead before Ivy Satine strikes first and tries to smother Kali who easily escapes and ends up on top of the Italian and places her hand over Ivy’s mouth smothering her.

But Ivy is determined not to end up as another Kali’s victims and escapes and traps Kali.  And so starts a sensual smothering war as both women do their best to seduce, trap and smother their victim.

Kali is in trouble in this one as Ivy is a powerful wrestler and seductress in her own right, Kali keeps her composure but knows that she is going to have to pull out all the stops to not have the roles reversed and this time become another woman’s victim.

Eventually one woman is seduced with kissing before a prolonged hand over mouth which has her eyes rolling back into her head and defeat.

But is it Kali or does Ivy Satine become another victim of the Sisterhood of Sin’s Alpha?

Ivy Satinee wears a leopard print sports bra and thong

Kali wears a sky blue bra and thong

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