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SOS0395 Wild Women - Massage Appointment - Beth Bennett seduces Alba Zevon

Sexy Sisterhood of Sin newbie, Alba Zevon has gone for a massage with SOS resident New Zealander, Beth Bennett.  You know this is going to be a sizzingly sexy massage appointment with these two busty blonde beauties.

As Alba sits on the massage table, Beth removes the Italian’s robe revealing a see through floral bra and thong.  She asks Alba to lay down flat on the table on her front as Beth removes her robe to reveal a black bra and thong.

Beth begins oiling up Alba’s feet, legs and ass, before commencing with a full body to body massage laying on top of Alba.  The Babestation beauty then resumes focus on Alba’s ass rubbing the oil in and then begins to massage her shoulders before asking Alba to flip over onto her back.

Beth runs her oily hands all over Alba’s body and breasts before climbing up onto the table, lifting Alba’s leg and planting her pussy on Alba’s body and begins to slowly grind.

Noticing that Alba isn’t resisting Beth begins to trib the Italian harder until both are lost in the the throes of passion as they scissor and trib each other to orgasm.

By the end of her appointment Alba can certainly see why Beth came so highly recommended as a masseuse.

Alba Zevon wears a floral silk robe before stripping down to see through pink floral bra and thong

Beth Bennett wears a black robe before stripping down to black bra and thong

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